TAKE YOUR DWI/DUI SERIOUSLY:  If you are arrested for DWI in Missouri, call Deborah Hooper right away to discuss your case. Attorney Deborah Hooper has long-term experience and is highly knowledgeable of Missouri DWI law. Her experience includes working as a former prosecutor for Pulaski County and as a criminal military attorney. She keeps up-to-date with Missouri drunk driving law through continuing training and education of standardized field sobriety tests and DWI defense strategies. With over 29 years of trial experience, Pulaski County DWI attorney Deborah Hooper is thoroughly trained to defend clients who have been charged with DWI in Missouri.

Don’t make decisions without all the facts of your case.

It is your right to receive full disclosure of all facts from the authorities. I will aggressively seek full discovery and then carefully review the evidence to reveal inconsistencies that may support a defense. If the elements of a full dismissal are not available then I can help you make an informed decision on a strategy to minimize the impact on your driving privilege.

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Plea deals can help you settle your case.  Sometimes entering a plea deal will give you a better outcome than going to court. Plea deals will usually include a fine and some form of probation.

   - Community service
   - Probation
   - Educational programs

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YOU HAVE ONLY15 DAYS from the date of your arrest for drunk driving in Missouri to request an administrative hearing about your driver's license.  This is a SEPARATE LEGAL ACTION that requires your IMMEDIATE ATTENTION! 
If you do not, your driver's license will be automatically suspended.